Grounds For Recovery

Unsuitable Recommendations: Your broker must make recommendations that are suitable for your particular circumstances...(more)

Churning: Your broker can't trade your account excessively or recommend that you do...(more)

Unauthorized Trading: Whether buying or selling, if you didn't authorize it, your broker can't do it...(more)

Failing to Trade: The reverse of unauthorized trading is refusing to trade when instructed. Usually this is forgetting to sell when told...(more)

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If you are a contingent fee client and we don't recover, there is NO FEE.

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Selling Away: A stock broker can't ask you to buy something the brokerage doesn't sell. Even if it's his brother-in-law, the broker can't recommend it...(more)

Fraud: The broker can't take your money and use it for something other than what you intended...(more)

Breach of Fiduciary Duty: The broker owes you a duty of loyalty, honesty and good faith. He can't tell you to buy when he is selling...(more)

Misrepresentation or Omission: The broker can't tell you something false or misleading or omit to tell you something you have a right to know...(more)

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